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We Also Offer Walleye Charters, Customized Sightseeing Tours & SCUBA Diving Charters

Linda Mae
42 foot, 23 Passenger - Steel Fisher – Head Boat

The Linda Mae is the most versatile boat that we run. We offer public head boat fishing trips for individuals. The entire boat can be chartered for Private trips. The Linda Mae is also used for Sightseeing Charters. Being able to take 23 Passengers makes this boat very affordable and the most valuable to the public. In the past many different types of groups have chartered the Linda Mae.

  • United States Coast Guard Inspected Vessel
  • 1958 Nolan & Sons 42ft, 23 passenger custom head boat.
  • Beam is 13ft. 9in.
  • Constructed of steel.
  • The forward cabin area has a head.
  • LINDA MAE has a full hard top and side curtain protection from weather
  • Power is 1 - Supercharged Detroit Diesel 4 cylinder.
  • Cruising speed - 10 knots.

35 foot, 20 Passenger - Steel Fisher – Head Boat

The Express is used for fishing and scuba diving charters. On our fishing charters it can accommodate 16 passengers. It is our largest boat we use for diving. It can take 10 divers to far destinations relatively fast and economically. This boat is a more standard approach to charters.

  • United States Coast Guard Inspected Vessel
  • 1962 Inland Seas 35ft custom head boat.
  • 16 passengers for fishing
    10 passengers for diving
  • Beam is 11ft. 10in.
  • Constructed of steel.
  • The forward cabin area has a head.
  • Half hard top
  • Power is 2 - Cummins Turbo Diesel Engines - Straight 6s.
  • Cruising speed - 15 to 20 knots. Capable of 25 knots.

33 foot, 6 Passenger - Custom Crew Boat

The Popeye, of steel construction, was built by American Ship Builders for use as work boat for the maintenance of under water operations for the State Of Ohio.  POPEYE is our work horse. It is used for Six Passenger Walleye/Steelhead and Perch Fishing Charters and also used for Dive Charters.   It is also a favorite among some of our divers because of its rugged commercial look to it. It gives our divers a sense that they were at work on a commercial dive boat, because in fact it is. The Popeye is also our work boat For Underwater Research & Recovery, Inc.

  • United States Coast Guard Inspected Vessel
  • Six Passengers for Walleye/Perch Fishing, Diving or Sightseeing Tours
  • Built by American ship builders in Lorain
  • 1959 steel custom crew boat - dive tender
  • 33ft length & 10ft beam
  • Construction - steel 10ft forward cabin 5ft wheelhouse covered 10ft, 18ft of open rear deck.
  • Generator D/C - 100 watt
  • Tool & Gear room in the bow
  • Working rear deck (all portable removable fixtures)Such as:
  • welder, work bench, vice, drill press, and all basic tools.
  • Power 2 gas engines 350cu.in.
  • Cruising speed - 15 -17 knots. Top speed 30 knots.